Last year, MillerCoors launched Two Hats, a new beer targeted to 21-24 year olds who aren't into beer. We created the first-ever digitally-led campaign for MillerCoors to reach their target where they spend the most time, in their social feeds. 


PRE ROLL        

I even made my way into a spot. 


Digital radio spots about totally relatable things to 21-24 year olds like annoying exes and roommates ran on Spotify and Pandora.


I helped define the brand on social and build their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Here are a few of my favorite posts.


We knew that 75% of our target audience made purchasing decisions through social media, so we developed a long-term influencer campaign that involved an ongoing creative relationship with a handful of carefully selected social media personalities. My role involved selecting the influencers, directing them to create "Wait, What?" reactions to be used in spots, and guiding their creative process when concepting Two Hats social posts on their own channels. 

This campaign kicked off at an influencer summit in Chicago, which I helped concept and bring to life. 

No Good Cheap Beer campaign is complete without the internet's most famous pets, The Real Diddy Kong, Lionel the HogHamlet the Pig, and Shaq the Pug.

(click to scroll through a few of their posts)

Our human influencers (Zane, Scotty, Khadi Don, Kway, Super Deluxe and Lowcheekbones) are also killing it on their feeds, engaging with and getting their fans on board with Two Hats. 

(click to scroll through a few of their posts)